Title: Conversing With College Girls

Idea date: 3/6/17

Filmed Date: March 6, 2017

Hey what’s going on brothers? It’s your boy ZADE here.

I decided to scratch a the original video idea I was going to create in favor of filming a new video: “Loosening Up Around Girls (Pt. 2).”

The idea was to see just how being myself impacted how girls treat me (or respond) to me. The purpose of the video outside of that is to show you how being yourself impacts girls.

Of course, if who you are isn’t so good, you may want to work on that (i.e. your confidence, appearance, hygiene, personality, etc).

During my interactions with the girls in the video, I was really self-entertained. I just went around saying whatever I wanted to them and observed how they responded to me.

What I found is that is that what you say to a girl doesn’t really matter much, it’s what you do that matters more. How do you behave around her? How do you make her feel around you? Nervous? Uncomfortable? Relaxed? Calm? Positive?

Girls pay closer attention to what you do. They watch your behavior. They feel the vibe you put off. They want to know if you’re who you say you are. They want to see if you’re confident or nervous. They watch you.

Women are good at reading your body language and feeling your vibe. That’s why when you’re nervous, she dismisses you by making an excuse to leave the interaction.

Watch some of my older videos and you’ll see just how nervous I was talking to women (if you closely observe me).

In unleashing more of myself, I find that my charisma and confidence rubs off on them and they don’t mind my company.

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