What’s up guys, ZADE here.

Man the day I made this video was good but it turned bad eventually. I was casually making these videos like I usually do. I happened to approach two girls and started talking to them.

They seemed odd and I was trying to engage them in conversation. I was playfully engaging them and they just got up in left. Guess what they did?…

These girls called campus security on me and my filmer…I’ve made like 3-4 videos at Loyola and they told campus security that I was “harassing” them. In my eyes, I was just playing around with them (in a non-stupid way unlike other YouTubers).

My approach wasn’t creepy or anything. I understand nervousness and I know I wasn’t unconfident.

I sensed they weren’t that receptive to me but I thought it was because they were like shy or something.

Turns out, I was absolutely wrong. Now while I can empathize with them, that experience made me angry. We literally got banned from Loyola over a 2 min social interaction. I didn’t even know they felt harassed or anything. If that was the case, I would have just bounced had I been able to tell. They were just acting weird (in my eyes)..ugh.

That experience really did put a bitter taste in my mouth (figure of speech). Me and my cameraman were approached by not 2, not 3, but 4 cops in total. I was extremely calm about the situation. It was quite embarrassing as well. You know, a black guy being stopped by the police and all. Who would have thought?..

The most embarrassing part about the experience is that they took photos of us (the officers). The worst part about it is that we were told that if we came back on campus, we would be subject to arrest (like we were criminals or something). None us a record.

When I say “bull fucking shit,” I mean bull motherfuckin shit. The situation was not that serious and it didn’t call for being banned and treated that way.

I do understand that Loyola University is a private school but god damn, did we have to get banned??

I could see if I tried forcing myself upon a girl or slapping her on the ass or some fucked up shit. However, it was just an honest social interaction. I shake my head every time I reflect on that experience. It triggers anger in me because of how messed up it was.

The reason why I  get angry is because I’m not the type of guy to ever to want to hurt anyone. To be treated like that just made me so fucking bitter and hurt my soul! Fuck it though. That situation is over now.

However, in the end I’m all good. I’m going to keep doing my thing and continue evolving as a man.

Above is one clip from that day I decided to post on the main channel. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time guys,


Let Loose & Live! 🔥

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