Yo yo guys, it’s your boy ZADE here.

The idea of this video is to show guys how women respond to you calmness and naturalness.

In other words, it demonstrates how women like when you’re being yourself around them vs. being “try hard.”

How Did It Feel to Be Yourself?

It feel pretty damn good my friend. It felt more calm and cool. I actually listened to what the girls were saying instead of thinking about what to say next.

It got me into a “flow state” where everything I did felt natural and smooth. Girls were more drawn into what I had to say.

They were more curious about me. More laugh and smiles. It feels good.

How to Let Loose

You let loose by facing your fear and choosing to put your full personality to the world. Be who you want to be.

It’s easier said than done but if you’re willing, the rewards are worth it! You feel good and you make others feel good.

Here’s a great book I read that really helped me do this.

It’s called “The Flinch” and you can get it free right here.

Quick Reminders

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Until next time my friend.

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